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As the gig economy continues to expand, more and more individuals are becoming contract workers. These workers, who are not traditional employees, are often referred to by many different names. If you are a copy editor or writer, understanding the different terms used to describe contract workers can be helpful. In this article, we will explore the different names used to describe contract workers.


Freelancer is perhaps the most commonly used term to describe a contract worker. Freelancers are professionals who work independently and are not bound to a long-term commitment to any one client or employer. They often work on a per-project basis and are typically paid hourly or by the project.

Independent Contractor

Another common term used to describe contract workers is independent contractor. Independent contractors are self-employed individuals who work for clients under a contract agreement. They are responsible for their own taxes and work independently of their clients.


Consultants are professionals who are hired to provide expert advice and guidance on a particular subject. They are typically hired on a project basis and may work independently or as part of a larger consulting team. Consultants may specialize in various fields, such as finance, marketing, or human resources.

Temp Worker

Temp workers, also known as temporary workers, are employees who are hired for a limited period of time. They are typically hired to cover a specific need within a company, such as filling in for an employee on leave or during a busy season. Temp workers are often hired through a staffing agency.

Contract Employee

A contract employee is someone who is hired for a specific period of time to work on a project or fill a temporary role. They are different from permanent employees in that they are not entitled to the same benefits and job security. Contract employees are hired for a specific purpose and are not considered part of the company`s permanent workforce.

In conclusion, there are many different names used to describe contract workers, including freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, temp workers, and contract employees. Understanding these terms can be helpful for content creators who want to provide accurate and informative articles about the gig economy and the different types of workers it encompasses.