January 16, 2022 | Posted in:Uncategorized

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently implemented a new labor law prohibiting the use of limited-term contracts for certain professions. This decision has been made in an effort to promote job stability and security for workers in the UAE.

Previously, employers in the UAE had the option of hiring workers on limited-term contracts, which would expire after a set period of time. This allowed employers the freedom to easily terminate employees without any legal consequences. However, this practice also left many workers in a state of constant uncertainty about their job security.

The new labor law in the UAE specifically targets specific professions that have a history of being vulnerable to exploitation, including domestic workers, security guards, and hospitality staff. The ban on limited-term contracts for these professions aims to provide more job security for workers in these industries.

Under the new law, employers are required to offer fixed-term contracts that provide job stability and security for workers. These contracts will have a set duration, but they cannot exceed two years. After the expiration of the contract, employers must offer workers the option to renew the contract or provide a permanent contract.

Additionally, the new law also requires employers to provide workers with a clear job description, including their responsibilities, working hours, and salary. Employers must also ensure that workers have proper accommodation, healthcare, and other basic amenities.

The UAE`s decision to ban limited-term contracts for certain professions is a significant step towards improving the working conditions of vulnerable workers in the country. It not only provides job security for workers but also protects their rights and ensures that they are treated fairly.

As the UAE continues to strive towards becoming a more inclusive and progressive society, it is essential that it continues to implement labor laws that protect the rights and well-being of all workers. The ban on limited-term contracts for vulnerable workers is a positive step in this direction and sets a strong example for other countries to follow.