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The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles has been a premier destination for major sporting events, concerts, and other forms of entertainment since it opened in 1999. However, the construction of the Staples Center and the subsequent events held there have had a significant impact on the surrounding communities. In response, a community benefits agreement (CBA) was established to ensure that the benefits of the development are shared with local residents and businesses.

The Staples Center CBA is a legally binding agreement between the owners of the arena and a coalition of community organizations representing residents, small businesses, and workers in the surrounding neighborhoods. The CBA was established in 2001 and was the first of its kind for a major sports venue in the United States. It has since become a model for other development projects across the country.

The CBA includes a range of provisions designed to benefit the community, including local hiring requirements, affordable housing initiatives, and community development funds. One of the most significant provisions is the requirement that a certain percentage of new jobs created by the arena be filled by local residents. This has resulted in thousands of jobs for residents in the surrounding neighborhoods, providing opportunities for economic growth and increased community involvement.

In addition to job creation, the CBA also includes provisions to address affordable housing. The owners of the arena are required to contribute to a community development fund, which is used to finance affordable housing projects in the surrounding neighborhoods. This has resulted in the construction of hundreds of affordable housing units, providing much-needed housing options for low-income residents.

The CBA also includes measures to address the impact of the Staples Center on traffic and parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. The arena owners are required to work with local transportation agencies to develop transportation and parking plans that minimize the impact on the community. This has resulted in improved traffic flow and reduced congestion in the area.

Overall, the Staples Center CBA has had a significant positive impact on the surrounding communities. It has created jobs, provided affordable housing, and addressed the impact of the arena on traffic and parking. The CBA is an example of how development projects can be designed to benefit the community as a whole, not just the developers and investors.